Study and Learn

Taxonomy - from Biology4Kids; easy overview, then click on the right side to see
Labels and Kingdoms as well!  At the bottom of the Kingdoms page, look through
the "kingdoms slide show" for some great photos and explanations.
The History of Classification - easy to read and a good review of our in-class
Taxonomy - from Biology Corner; great overview and "notes"
Principles of Classification - this site is for the advanced student and explains the
link between evolution and classification
Tree of Life - this site will show you the three domains and how the evolutionary
tree for each fits together.
Windows to the Universe - short sweet summary of the Classification of living
Species 2000 - this page can supply you with the scientific name of just about
The Six Kingdoms - This site is a basic summary for each Kingdom and several
photos of each.
The Six Kingdoms - this site has a brief "nuts and bolts" description of each of the
Kingdoms to add info to your Kingdom Cards.
The Six Kingdoms PowerPoint - another teacher did this, but the facts are just
what you need for your notes!

Mr. Carl's Bacteria Page - this is a good, but thorough overview of bacteria
Mr. Carl's Viruses Page - same guy, good stuff!
Bacteria -  from "Microbe Mysteries" the games/mysteries are on the left, but you
may want to read this page and the two below before you try to solve them!
Planet Science - Brief Overview of Viruses
Meet the Microbes - fun site from The American Museum of Natural History
Bacteria Rule! - from National Geographic
What are Germs? - from Kids Health
Cells Alive:  How Big? - this is the "head of a pin" we looked at in class!

Study and Learn
Practice game - this is another challenge board.  Keep in mind that I made this
game for the ENTIRE Chapter 6, and this year we are splitting it due to Spring
Break.  Work more on the Bacteria and Viruses parts!
Virus Rags to Riches - made by another teacher, but it's got good questions!
Three Domains
Six Kingdoms