Study and Learn
Tour of the Basics -  This site from the University of Utah is a great
starting point to find the answers to very basic questions about genetics
and heredity.  Click on the tabs to HEAR the answers!
DNA from the Beginning - this is a great site.  Use the scroll bar at the
right to see different information, but after you read the text, click at
the bottom on "Animation" for a short - EASY - description.
The Gene Scene - from the American Museum of Natural History,
scroll down to see the links:  "What's the Big Idea?" and "Around the
World with DNA" and more!
NOVA's Cracking the Code of Life - actually watch the show with
Quicktime or Realplayer!  There are several segments, so watch just
one a night.
ThinkQuest on Genetics - click on the links in the red box on the right
to view the different pages.
Punnett Square Tutorial - click and move through this tutorial - read
each section carefully so you can answer the questions as they come up!

Meiosis from
DNA tutorial - watch and listen for a detailed look into DNA
What's in your DNA?  

Practice and Play
Practice game - this is the practice game for the vocab quiz
Dragon Genetics - try this interactive game once you have learned the
vocabulary on the list.  It really does help you figure out if you
understand genotypes and phenotypes!
Mendel's Peas - another cool game like Dragon Genetics, but this one
helps you practice with traits and predicting which one is dominant and
which is recessive based on your experiments - just like Mendel did!
Genetics Practice Problems - try the first two (we don't do the kind on
the rest of the page here in middle school!  Whew!)