Study and Learn

Genetics Science Learning Center pop
around this site to learn lots of information
about genetics and DNA testing
FAQ's from the Human Genome Project
Pedigree Charts - simple how to read from
The Open Door Website
Genetic Diseases - many more than your
book talks about here on this site!  click on
the link to the left for the disease you
want to learn more about!
What is Cloning?  from learn.genetics
The Gene Scene - scroll down and go to
"All about Cloning"
Genetic Engineering - a short, one page
overview of the types of GE

Practice and Play
Match up the Human Karyotype - from
Learn.Genetics - fun!  See if you can
match them all!
Genetics Counseling - this is a cool game
where you have to use your genetic
knowledge to solve problems for different
people.  You will need to know your Punnett
Squares, Pedigree Charts, etc. to answer
these!  (You also have to have Shockwave)
Click and Clone - a game that lets you
clone a mouse!
Drag and Drop Pedigree Practice - this
game will help you with some more pedigree
chart examples.
Practice Game for test -  Play it several
times by clicking on "New Game" at the
bottom.  (There are more terms than show
up on one round.)