Charles Darwin
The Galapagos Islands
Study and Learn
Natural Selection and Variations - a tutorial that will answer
many questions; click through each page (NEXT) at the bottom
to see all of the information!
Natural Selection Tutorial - Click on the animation tab and
choose Narration if you want it to talk you through it!  Read the
conclusions and take the quiz when you finish.
The Theory of Natural Selection - this doesn't look too interesting
when you glance at it, but it's very thorough and it's SHORT.  
Just read this one page and it might help you understand the
The Peppered Moths Game - Read the info at the left (scroll
down to see it all) then try the game - you'll love it!!

Animal Adaptations - check out your favorite animals - or find
some new ones!
Plant Adaptations - these rainforest plants have many

Evolution in Action - the game from class
Evolution - video clips from PBS - watch the movies if you have
Quicktime or RealPlayer!
Understanding Evolution - lots of links that will answer all your
Life Has a History - this is a click-through lesson that is easy to
read and understand.

Stories from the Fossil Record - four different tutorials!
Relative Dating - and Absolute Dating - of fossils

Phylogenetic Trees - a quick overview, but make sure that you
look at the three examples linked on the bottom left.
"How-to" on Evolutionary Trees - these ARE on the CRCT, so
make sure you can read them.

Practice and Play
Darwin:  Who Wants to Live a Million Years? - game from the
Science Channel

Evolution Lab - This is a cool game, but you will have to really
read the instruction pages to understand what you have to do.  

Here's the game to help you PLAY your way to an A!  Play with a
friend for even more fun!