Human Body: - use this site by clicking on the system we are studying
Kids - this site has great little movies/songs for many of the major organs
and systems.
ScienceBob has info on many systems - and it's VERY short and sweet. - lots of links on many systems - some are repeats of what I have
below, but others are unique.

Skeletal and Muscular Systems (Chapter 15):
Use the Innerbody link above to see the Skeletal and Muscular links
Watch the
Brainpops (under "Health" instead of "Science") on Skeletal System,
Muscular System, Human Body, and Homeostasis
Skeletal System Tutorial - The first page teaches all the bones and where they go, then
click on the games at the bottom (hint:  game 2 will be most helpful to you for the
Hillandale Health - Skeletal System:  This site is a good overview - not too much to
read.  Play the
Bone Match Game to help you with common name vs. scientific name
for the quiz!
ABCYa's Skeletal System Game - drag and drop the names into the diagram - perfect
practice for your quiz!
Kidport's Skeleton Game lets you match the NAME to the bone - backwards but good
practice for the Quiz
Your Gross and Cool Body -
Skeletal System  Muscular System  Skin
Skeleton Shake down - a fun game where a skeleton falls apart and you have to
reassemble it.

Hangman Game - to play and learn with!

Digestive System (Chapter 16):
Use the Innerbody link above to see the Digestive System link.
Watch the
BrainPops (under "Health"):  Appendix, Digestive System, Taste, and Teeth.
The Real Deal on the Digestive System - make sure you click on "Continue" at the
bottom to read all the info!
Healthtrek has this game you can use this to practice locating the parts of
the digestive system and their functions
The Digestive System - a drag and drop game for the diagram
National Geographic's information and a neat game - make sure you scroll
down underneath the photo and links to the paragraph and click on "Expand
for more" to read more about it!
Quia Matching Game for learning the organs and their functions.
Jumbled Words Game to practice and learn the digestive system key facts

Respiratory and Excretory Systems (Chapter 18):
Brainpop on Respiratory System, Urinary System
Oxygen Delivery System - a brief overview of the purpose of the respiratory
PowerPoint on the Respiratory System - lots of good diagrams to review
for the quiz!
Your Respiratory System - from Your Gross and Yucky Body - go to the
urinary system from the pulldown at the top right, too!
Poison Protection - your excretory system
Play this game to help you prepare for the test - it's battleship!

Circulatory System (Chapter 17):
Brainpop on Circulatory System, Blood, and Heart
Learn the
parts of the heart with this game
Biology in Motion lets you SEE the double loop system in action (click on the
white arrows on the bottom left)
Nova made an
animated heart so you can see the blood move through the
Heartpoint made one too!
Here's the
game to practice for the test!

Immune System (Chapter 19):
An interview with Jonas Salk - the doctor who developed the first widely used
Disease Detective  this is a simulation that lets you do the thinking; from NOVA
The Immune System from the National Institute of Allergy and Disease - there
is a short intro, but to see the real information, click on the links in the box
"Understanding the Immune System:
Kids Health on The Immune System - Written for teens!
Med Myst - from Rice University - Play these games and learn about lots of
different pathogens.  Start with Mission 1; then go back and do the rest.
I found this
Battleship game on the immune system - it's pretty good, even if I
didn't make it.
Play this game I made to practice for the Chapter 19 test!

Nervous System (Chapter 20):
Your Gross and Cool Body-Nervous System - short and sweet; just hits the high
Brain and Nervous System - from Kid's health
Neuroscience for Kids - a little more detail for the advanced student.
The Human Nervous System - good diagram of a neuron for your homework!

Endocrine System (Chapter 21):
Endocrine System Tutorial - click through and read each part to find out what
each gland does.
Biology4Kids on the endocrine system - good, short and to the point
How Stuff Works: Endocrine System - This has a narrated tutorial if you have
shockwave installed to watch it.

Here's the
game I made for the Nervous/Endocrine Quiz!

Some Electronic tests on Human Body Systems I used several years ago:

Chapter 15 Bones and Muscles Test
Chapter 16 Digestive System Test
Chapter 17 Circulatory System Test
Chapter 18 Respiratory and Excretory Systems Test
Human Body Systems