Diffusion - movement of a
substance from higher
conentration to lower concentration
Cell division
Study and Learn

Photosynthesis and Respiration
Biology4Kids Photosynthesis - this is a great site that is
easy to read and written for middle schoolers
Let's Eat - a site with a good explanation, graphics,
chemical details, and even a plant cell diagram!
Illuminating Photosynthesis - from NOVA, this is a Flash
plug-in that has three sections once you open it.  Go into
each of the tabs (The Cycle, Atomic Shuffle, and Three
Puzzlers) to see it all!
Photosynthesis - a tutorial
Photosynthesis - an animation
Respiration - a tutorial

How Diffusion Works - an animated, narrated tutorial that
will help you "see" what is going on.
How Osmosis Works - same as above, but now it's just
Cell Transport - choose active or passive transport to
see an animated tutorial.  It's really clear and easy to
see how these work.

A Thinkquest tutorial on mitosis - make sure that you look
at these diagrams - they will help you picture the stages!
The Biology Project: Cell Cycle - Read through this one
page, then view the animation at the bottom (either in
Quicktime or Flash)
Mitosis Animation -  Watch this to see what happens to
the chromosomes during mitosis.
mitosis animation comes with details for each step -
slow it down ( arrow on the right) so you can read the
events in each step.

Practice and Play

This is a cool interactive tutorial - follow the directions to
see photosynthesis and respiration in action
This is the
game I used when I used to do the whole
chapter in one test, but it's good practice anyhow!
Order the
stages of Mitosis in this game I made!
I found this
Rags to Riches game and it matches what
you need to know pretty well!
A seventh grade teacher friend of mine made this
challenge board game.  Play it with a friend for more
Another teacher made these games, one for
DOAT and
another for all the
cell processes.