Study and Learn

Characteristics of Living Things
Living vs. Non-Living - Quiz yourself to see if you know!
Spontaneous Generation - interesting history; make sure you read it and see the
"recipes" for making bees and mice.
"MRS. GREN" help you remember the characteristics of living things? These
don't coordinate perfectly with our book's terms, but I bet you can see the similarities!
Levels of Organization - a chart with the basics
The Cell Theory - a short form of the development over time
Homeostasis - an easiy to read and follow tutorial with activities throughout; make
sure you click on the arrow at the bottom to go to the next page!

Cells Structure and Function
Printable Microscope WS - so you can test yourself on the parts!
How to use a microscope - preview this before our lab!
Interactive Microscopes - these are SO COOL you may not want to stop
manipulating them!!  make sure you adjust the bars and select several of the things to
look at with the down arrow.
Cell Organelle Table - Lists location, description, and function for 11 cell
organelles. Some have hotlinks to more info!
Biology4Kids: Cell Structure - This is an excellent site that is easy to read.  
See the links on the right for the specific cell structure you want to read about
or just click "next" at the bottom to go to the next one.
Interactive site that shows you quite a lot about cells.
Anatomy of an Animal Cell - see the drawing; the text is a bit challenging
Virtual Cell Tour - you can look at both an animal and a plant cell and get
information about the structures inside each on this interactive page.
Cell Explorer - Cool interactive site; make sure you click on the right arrow
when the tutorial box comes up, or you will only see the first page!
The Cell - a tutorial
Cells Alive! - a comprehensive site that has all kinds of interactive diagrams
and tutorials.  Some are even animated! See the links on the right and select
the one you need to review!  The jigsaw puzzles are fun!

Practice and Play
Hangman Game for Cell Organelle names and functions
Microscope parts Drag and Drop - some terms are for more complicated
microscopes than ours, but all the parts you need to know are on here!
Virtual Electron Microscope - Look at and identify some things in an electron
microscope - kind of like a game!
Review of the Parts of a Cell - Quiz yourself on the parts of a cell
Cell Inspector - a drag and drop game that will help you with different cell
Drag and Drop game for organelles and functions (Do you see the grammar
Chapter 1 practice game - fill in the missing words!
Chapter 1 Practice Game - Rags to Riches; Keep playing until you have
earned $1,000,000!
Pop-Ups game reviews the basics of cell organelles.
Maggots in a sheep
Red Blood Cells