States of Matter
A short narrated tutorial Powerpoint on the states of matter
Science Unleashed - states of matter game
BrainPop game - matter sorter

Physical and Chemical Properties
Narrated tutorial - 13 minutes, but good teaching!
Short and sweet - definitions and examples
Silly game, some grammar errors, but FUN!

Physical and Chemical Changes
a listing of common examples of physical and chemical changes
short summary of physical and chemical changes
Quiz yourself and get the results back!  

Atoms and Molecules
Chem4kids has the basics of atomic structure for you to read
This is a
flashcard game with some of the vocab about atoms and matter

Conservation of Matter
this site kind of reviews everything we have done in this unit... check it out.
narrated tutorial about conservation of mass/matter

Play this game to practice for the test - - I used some of the questions
STRAIGHT FROM THE TEST in it... wanna see??

This is just a weird game... play it with a friend and tell me what you think!