GA Milestones 7th Grade Life Science
Practice, Review, and Links
AKS 10
compare and contrast food/energy requirements of
different organisms
> compare & illustrate food requirements in
autotrophs and heterotrophs
AKS 11
AKS 12
AKS 13
AKS 14
AKS 15
AKS 16
AKS 17
AKS 18
examine the dependence of all organisms on one
another and their environments
> demonstrate in a food web that matter is
transferred from one organism to another
and can be recycled between organisms and
their environments
>  categorize relationships between organisms
that are competitive or mutually beneficial;
define and apply examples of relationships
between organisms including predation,
mutualism, parasitism, and commensalism
describe the characteristics of Earth's major terrestrial
biomes (tropical rain forest, savannah, temperate,
desert, taiga, tundra and mountain) and aquatic
communities (freshwater, estuaries and marine)
>explain how the physical factors of a biome effect
the organisms within it
describe how changes in environmental conditions can
affect the survival of both individuals and entire species
> assess possible factors that have caused certain
organisms to become endangered or extinct
explain how physical characteristics of organisms have
changed over time (e.g., Darwin's finches and peppered
moths of Manchester)
> describe ways in which species on Earth have
evolved due to natural selection
> trace evidence that the fossil record found in
sedimentary rock provides evidence for the long
history of changing life forms
identify the cell as a basic unit and structure of all
> explain the components of the Cell Theory
>  relate cell structures to basic cell functions of
typical plant and animal cells; identify the
structure and function of cell membrane,
nucleus, cytoplasm, chloroplasts, mitochondria,
nuclear membrane, chromosomes, vacuoles,
endoplasmic reticulum, cell wall, and ribosomes
> compare and contrast the structures of a typical
plant and animal cell
> explain that cells are organized into tissues,
tissues into organs, organs into organ systems,
and systems into organisms
> describe and discuss the movement of materials
into and out of the cell for the maintenance of
homeostasis (diffusion, osmosis, and active
> describe how cells carry on the life processes of
movement, reproduction, response, cellular
respiration, photosynthesis and metabolism
explain how the human body is composed of organ
systems functioning together
explain how biological traits are passed to successive
> describe and apply the work of Gregor Mendel to
the study of modern genetics
> explain the role of genes and chromosomes in the
process of inheriting a specific trait
> interpret the effect of dominant and recessive
alleles (genotypes and phenotypes)
> use a Punnett Square to predict the traits of
offspring and the probability of getting a
particular trait in a cross
> compare and contrast the outcome of meiosis and
> recognize that selective breeding can produce
plants or animals with desired traits
use external and internal features to classify and
compare organisms (simple to complex)
investigate the diversity of living organisms and how
they can be compared scientifically
> differentiate and describe the major
characteristics of the six-kingdoms
(archaebacteria, eubacteria, protists, fungi,
plants, and animals)
> classify organisms using a dichotomous key
based on the six-kingdom system
> demonstrate the process for the development of
a dichotomous key
> order the levels of classification
AKS 19
Definitions - read and memorize (make sure you
scroll down so you can see it all!
FoodWebs  from the BBC, so they spell some
things differently!
Ecology basics - all the foundational stuff on one
Biotic and Abiotic Factors - video from
Ping Pong Ecology review game
General Ecology terms in a quiz... I hope you know
all these!
Food Web - read the top part, then scroll down to
the ACTIVITY part, click "here" and the game will
come up.
Analyzing an Ecosystem - cool interactive tutorial
Quiz Yourself on chains, webs and pyramids!
Nitrogen Cycle Animation  Click on "GO"
Droplet and the Water Cycle - a game where you
have to know the answers!
The Water Cycle - student produced video from
Narrated Symbiosis - click on the small icons on
the right to hear about each type.
Fishy Symbiosis - view the movie clip (has sound!)
Biomes Summary - this page is a front page for
several links (see the right side) on land biomes.
Aquatic Biomes - click the next arrow at the
bottom right to see both pages.

Estuaries -  Make sure you click on the three
circles on the right to read the details!

Humans: A Major Threat to Biodiversity - a
student produced movie from

Structural and Behavioral Adaptations - a simple
Adaptations - make sure you click on "next" to
see the next pages!
Evolution - student produced video from
Natural Selection Tutorial - have your sound on!
Natural Selection, Mutations, and Variations
How does evolution happen?  answers the basic
Evolution Tutorial - follow each one of the links!
Animal Adaptations - video clip from

Classification of Living Things - a short overview
of domains and kingdoms

Classification Levels - drag and drop to test your

Classification Game - you have to know the
Narrated Tutorial reviews the major
characteristics of the 6 Kingdoms... click next to
see the next screen.

Dichotomous Key - print this out and do it at home
for practice
Human Body Systems - click through the 12 slides
of this slideshow about the major systems

Human Anatomy Online - a great site for all the
body systems click on the body to explore

How the Body Works - make sure you have your
sound on!
Digestive System - video from
Follow the links your Pretest Analysis shows you need.
Tour of a Plant Cell - click tour and have your
sound on to see and hear about all the

Levels of Organization in Living Things - There
are two pages in this section, so click the little
planarian at the bottom to go to the second

Passive Transport - an animated tutorial
Passive Transport - animated diagrams and a
little reading.
Active Transport - an animated tutorial
Diffusion and Osmosis - a Lab Bench interactive

Soccer Game to review Cell Processes

Lab Simulation of Photosynthesis and
Respiration - this is narrated and asks you
questions as it goes!
Photosynthesis video - from
Photosynthesis and Respiration - from the BBC
Narrated Photosynthesis Tutorial
Cellular Respiration and Fermentation - just
read the top sections to get the basics
Don't forget to
look back at
chapters 22, 23,
and 24!
Look back at
Don't forget to
look back at
chapters 22, 23,
and 24!
Don't forget to
look at the online
chapters listed
on your Analysis
Use Cells to review
Cell Structures.

Cell Processes
to review Cell
Go to the
Human Body
Unit page for
more links on all
the systems!
Don't forget the
pages on Genetics:
Go back and look
and 6 Kingdoms
for more links on
those topics.

DNA Structure - student produced video from
Mendel's Peas - watch this tutorial to review
Mendel's ideas
Genetics video - student produced video from

Punnett Square Basics; a presentation to review
Punnett Square Tutorial - click "start animation"
Practice Punnett Squares on this page - with alien
characterisics, don't peek at the answers at the
bottom until you have run the cross.

Selective Breeding - interactive to try it yourself